Phillip Breslin, an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, and educator was born and raised in North Queensland, Australia. He is the host of ABC’s First Weapons and the creator, executive producer, and host of the International Emmy Award-winning Built to Survive — a ten-part children’s natural history series about Australia’s most iconic wildlife. 

Having completed studies in wildlife science, land management, and education, Phil has worked in both the entertainment and education sectors for over a decade. Today, Phil enjoys producing, writing, and presenting entertaining natural history content with the hope of igniting our latent curiosity for the world around us.



Phil Breslin embarks on an action-packed adventure across the country, to uncover the genius behind the world’s oldest, most innovative, and deadliest weapons. First Weapons is a television first; it’s an inspiring journey which delves deep into Australia's rich history, culture, and science.


Phil Breslin, educator, biologist, and adventurer, embarks on a quest to reveal some of the strangest and most specialized animal adaptations on the planet. Drawing on scientists' and First Nations' knowledge, Phil will set off into Australia’s most diverse landscapes to discover animals that are Built to Survive.


Phil Breslin embarks on a mysterious journey to unlock the forgotten secrets of the Dutch Dakota, a plane with a cargo of diamonds that crashed off the Kimberley coast at the height of World War II. Phil will attempt to piece this mystery together in the hope of finding the Dutch Dakota's Lost Diamonds.


Phil Breslin aims to endure the harshest landscapes of Australia and New Zealand. Not a survival expert himself, Phil draws on First Nations' wisdom to navigate these extreme environments. From the scorching heat to freezing winters, he explores humanity's adaptability in these diverse conditions.